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Its the start of another week and I’m really excited about certain occurrences that will be occurring this week.Cat Book for Kids

First of all, my latest book is almost complete and WILL be published before the end of the week. I Love My Cat will be the third book in the Animal Books for Children series. What particularly thrills me and about this book is that it’s the first time I’ll be working with a super talented illustrator called Diana. We’re both looking forward to working on my next book which will be the sequel to Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost. Watch out for a blog post before Friday announcing that the book is now available to obtain at your favourite online retail store.

Author Interview Thursday is back and so far in the month of February we’ve had the pleasure of learning a few things from Stuart Land and Sherrill S Cannon. I’m the hot seat this week is Cynthia Echterling who is a science fiction writer. Cynthia talks about that first moment when she fell in love with sci-fi, what makes great dialogue, developing characters and much more. I’m sure you’ll be inspired and well informed by what she has to say so tune in this Thursday.

I’ll be going to do a reading at a school in West London. This will be my third time visiting Devonshire Preschool and the staff are the best in the world. One of the main advantages of doing these readings at schools is that I get to interact with my core audience and get some ideas that I can apply on my next book. For instance, on my last visit, I read Kojo the Sea Dragon and I discovered the children really loved the interactive parts of the book. So while writing the sequel, I incorporated a quite a few interactive segments in the story that will get children physically involved in the story.

Have a great week and look out for my blog post announcing the 10th children’s book!

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