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Billy and Monster Meet the President Video Book Trailer

Drumroll please!!!

I’d like to share with you the book trailer for the latest book in the Billy and Monster series – Billy and Monster Meet the President. I had the pleasure of working with a talented 2D-Animator from Ukraine who I believe did a good job. Enjoy.


Click one of the links below to get a preorder copy that will automatically get the book downloaded
to your Kindle device/app on August 4th.

US –
UK –

Billy and Monster Book Launch – Feedback from a Beta Reader

It’s always an exciting time when I publish one of my books. There’s a lot that goes into the launch process like contacting kidlit bloggers, creating a video trailer for the book, uploading the book to different publishing platforms etc. However, I think the most joy I get from the launch process is getting feedbackContinue Reading

Preorder Copy of Billy and Monster Meet the President

I’m happy to say that the long awaited 6th book in the Billy and Monster series titled – Billy and Monster Meet the President – will be launched exactly 2 weeks from today and is now available to preorder. Click one of the links below to get a preorder copy that will automatically get the book downloaded toContinue Reading

Billy and Monster Meet the President is Now Available

Billy and Monster Meet the President is out August 4th and available to preorder at the links below. US – UK – More details to follow in the coming days.

Guess whose now on Apple, Nook and Kobo?

One of the big takeaways (for me) from attending the London Book Fair last year was to publish my books to multiple platforms. Now, when I started this journey as a children’s book author, I had my books exclusively on Amazon. Why you may ask? Well, the Amazon platform was very simple to use andContinue Reading

Billy and Monster Get Featured on BookBub

Great news! My book – Billy and the Monster who Ate All the Easter Eggs – has just been accepted by Bookbub and will be featured on March 21st. Why is this great news I hear you say? Well it is great news as Bookbub has more than a million subscribers and will email everyoneContinue Reading

Childrens Books by David Chuka in 2015

I’ve been staring into my crystal ball and trying to foresee what 2015 holds. I keep staring and staring but I can’t seem to see anything. A good clean job might do the job…ehm…nothing. I don’t think this is working. Why???????????????? If you know me, then you know the above scenario and a crystal ball would beContinue Reading

10 Steps Before a Book is Published

It’s almost here….Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas will be ready to download to your kindle device or app in 6 days.  I wanted to do a quick post today on ten things I did/do/am doing in the build up to this book being published. 1. Format the book as a Word document once my illustrator completedContinue Reading

New Book by David Chuka – Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas

They’re back! The latest Billy and Monster book – Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas – will be published on November 25th and is currently available to pre-order on Amazon. So you might be wondering what the inspiration behind this latest book was? Well, in writing this book I was looking to address that scenario thatContinue Reading

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator: Good or Bad?

I stumbled upon a blog post by popular Kiwi Children’s book author – Joy Findlay – who was my special guest on Author Interview Thursday in 2013. Joy has more than 60 published children’s books and I have several of them on the Kindle app on my tablet. A lot of her books have achieved bestContinue Reading