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10 Steps Before a Book is Published

It’s almost here….Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas will be ready to download to your kindle device or app in 6 days. Billy and Monster's Golden Christmas

I wanted to do a quick post today on ten things I did/do/am doing in the build up to this book being published.

1. Format the book as a Word document once my illustrator completed all the images.

2. Upload the formatted book unto the KDP select program.

3. Inform everyone on my email list, Facebook page and Twitter followers about the impending launch of the book. Using Hootsuite, I’ve set up a scheduled stream of posts and tweets that have been/will be released in the run up to publication day on November 25th.

4. Give the book to several bloggers and fellow authors to have a read of the book and highlight any typos or errors in the book.

5. Work with my illustrator to create a physical book cover for the book.

6. Once the physical book cover is ready, format and upload the book to CreateSpace so the physical copy of the book is ready to be purchased alongside the eBook copy. I’m right about on track with this step and it should be ready to go live November 25th.

7. Write a script for a book trailer of the book and give the finished script with directions to an animator to do a cartoon book trailer. This trailer will be published to YouTube, my blog, Facebook page and other social media sites.

8. Alert some top and distinguished Amazon reviewers that my book will be released and if they’d like a copy in exchange for a review.

9. Have a book marketing firm do a book blitz/review blitz to draw attention and get reviews for the book once it’s published.

10. Contact friends and fellow author bloggers to publish a post to highlight the book on the day it goes live – November 25th.


So that’s a little insight into what I’ve been doing the past few weeks as the date to the launch of my Christmas book draws near. The life of a writer and self-publisher ain’t easy but it’s so worth it when I see the reviews from people who I most possibly will never meet in my life telling me how my book brought some joy, laughter, warmth etc. to their loved ones. That’s the biggest reward. Making loads of sales is good too so grab your pre-order copy at the link below 🙂

Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas

Facebook or Twitter?

I think every author concerned with reaching out to their readers, networking with other authors and selling more books is either engaged on social media or has at least thought about it. The two (in my opinion) heavy weight entities with regards to social media are Facebook and Twitter. These two networks have their fans. IContinue Reading