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My journey as a children’s book author began when my daughter started learning to read.  I downloaded a lot of books unto my iPad from the Amazon website. However, we only found one book that was appropriate for her as a beginner reader. She would read this book day after day and rely on me to read to her the other titles. I started thinking about what the ideal book for her would be and one thing leads to another (won’t bore you with all the details) and culminates in my first children’s book – If You See a Doctor

Now the funny thing was Ruth (who was 6 then) just liked my first book. But her brother Richard, absolutely loved it! Although he was three years old, after reading it to him for the first time, he memorized the words and could read it to himself. I have to admit I was a bit not-too-happy that she wasn’t loving this book. So I did some research to find out what she likes and that ended up with my second book – What Do You Call a Baby Lion? (It’s now been retitled ‘I Love Baby Animals)

I’m happy to say that they both liked my second book and many more parents and children have written to let me know that they love my books as well. I have published more books since then and invite you to check out my funny series for kids – The Fartastic Adventures of Billy and Monster

When I write, I have parents at heart because if the parent/adult doesn’t like the book, they won’t read it with as much enthusiasm. Still, I have to admit that it can be a delicate balancing act as what might appeal to a parent may not necessarily be interesting to a child.

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Short Trailer of ‘Billy and tthe Monster who Ate All the Easter Eggs’

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It’s interesting to see what people are saying about David Chuka Books on Amazon

Valerie Cunningham

My 6 year old son loved reading this book over and over. It gave him a chance to review words he already knew and Learn new words and ask questions about different jobs.


Hailey Dowsett

My little brother loved this book. We read it together and he was very interested in it which is very unusual.


Diana M. Hockley

David Chuka has crafted an excellent educational tool for small children. I enjoyed the way he “cartooned” the question and then put an endearing picture of the baby on the next page. I especially loved the hedgehog.


Grady Harp

David Chuka has devised a book for children that is informative, entertaining and endearing to both children and adult readers. Using the springboard of a child whose mother has just given birth to a baby to encourage the investigation of what the animals call their babies, Chuka uses first superb illustrations (art in relief form using black backgrounds) and the follows that mature animal art with a photograph of the baby that is named in the text. And he doesn’t stop there: we are given a bit of information about the baby form of the animal pictured. Example: a baby lion is called a cub – and `lion cubs are born helpless and blind.’

Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here.