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Billy and Monster Meet the President ebook is LIVE!

The day has finally arrived and my latest book – Billy and Monster Meet the President – is now available for you to download on Amazon.Billy and Monster Meet the President

If you got a preorder copy, then you’d already have had it downloaded to your kindle app. Below is a little teaser about the book to whet your appetite.

It’s July 4th and Billy is super-excited!

Independence Day for Billy is all about fun fairs, theme parks, candy floss and fireworks!

This year’s celebration has an added significance as the President of the United States is coming to Billy’s state to celebrate the big day. But what happens when a grumpy, mean man in a pink bunny costume leaves a briefcase next to Billy and runs away when Billy tries to give it back to him at the fun fair?

In this latest addition to the Billy and Monster series, you will discover how Billy gets to ask the President a very important question after a day packed with highs, lows and everything in between. My sincerest desire in writing this book was that it would be a springboard for parents, teachers and guardians to discuss with their loved ones how to better understand the ever changing and sometimes dangerous world we now live in.

It’s JAM-PACKED with the fun illustrations you’ve come to expect from this best-selling series. Grab a copy today and enjoy this funny book for kids (and also adults) that’s not just big on laughs but also teaches a valuable lesson for social situations.

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Enjoy the official trailer for the book below.


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