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Here’s What’s Cooking This Week


I just wanted to fill you in on what I’m doing and what’s going to be happening on my blog this week.

First of all, I wanted to share this image with you.Billy and Monster Books in a Bookshop Billy and Monster now have a place in a local bookstore in Wood Green, London. It did bring a smile to my face and I’m hopeful that they’ll soon be making an appearance at a bookstore or library near you. You can help speed up the process by asking your local library or bookstore that you’d like them to stock books by David Chuka on their shelves. That would be a massive help.


My next book is going to be somewhat of a departure from books I’ve done in the past. To the right is the image my illustrator sent over to me last week. Its about a sea dragon called Kojo and the entire story takes place underwater. In this image, Kojo is swimming past a hair salon run by an Octopus. It’s a cute story that has themes around family, friendship, bravery and obedience.Underwater Scene I might settle on this style for the illustrations or something different. Will keep you updated in the coming weeks. By the way, I’d really be appreciative of your thoughts on what you like/dislike about the image.


Finally, we have 4 super authors lined up for Author Interview Thursday this month. I’ll be talking more about them tomorrow, so stay tuned. Our featured author this week is Kathy Beynette and she also happens to be an artist who writes and illustrates her books. You don’t want to miss that!

Do have an outstanding week and DREAM BIG!

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