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Sneak Peek into My Latest Children’s Book

HelloCat Books for Kids

My next book will be titled ‘I Love My Cat’ and it will be the third book in the Animal Books for Children series. The first two books in the series (I Love Baby Animals and I Love My Dog) have achieved best seller status in multiple categories on the Amazon store. I actually had the idea for the first book while washing plates on a Saturday morning. I kept stopping that day to rush to to the living room and make notes. The books have been well received and its been the overwhelming positive feedback I’ve received that has made me write this new book in the series. Below are two reviews these books recently received.

I read this book to my grandson and he enjoyed learning about different dogs and their unique personalities. This book is a great read for young kids. I enjoyed reading it to him and some of the dogs, were very large and helped him understand that not all large dogs are scary. I would recommend it to young children and use as a learning tool about dogs. Janice Goll

A cute book, easy to read and informative. Young readers will enjoy the pictures and learning different things about animals. Alethea Thomas

One major difference with this book is that I’ll be working with a new illustrator who is exceptionally talented. She has a water colour style that is quite different to most of the illustrations I see in other children’s books. I’m very grateful for Diana’s contribution to this project and I look forward to working with her on other books this year.

‘I Love My Cat’ begins with a little girl who wants a cat as a pet for her birthday.Choosing a Cat Her parents go through a book with her written by yours truly and discover the different breeds of cats. Some of the breeds in the book include Persian, Birman, Sphynx and American Shorthair cats. To the right is the image for the opening page.

I’m looking forward to getting this released before the end of this month. Can’t wait to share it with you!

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