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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost

I do hope you had a great holiday season with your loved ones.

2014 has begun and I’m ready to go!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances with my illustrator, I was unable to release a Christmas title. However, Christmas 2014 is not going to take me by surprise and I’ve already got two story ideas which should be ready for publication early November.

I also plan to release 2 more titles in the Kojo the Sea Dragon series. The second book has been written and edited and I’m currently looking for a new illustrator to complete the project. The next book will be titled ‘Kojo the Sea Dragon Meets a Stranger.’ In this story, we return to the Zakari River where all the sea animals are getting ready for the most popular event of the year – the BOOM BOOM party. Kojo is a little bit upset because his Mum has told him he can’t have any more of his favourite snack. Will Kojo follow a stranger who offers him a basketful of these tasty treats. Will the citizens of the Zakari River save their son from a cunning stranger? You’ll have to wait till I release this book to see how it all pans out. The first book in the series is titled Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost and you can get it at the link below. It’s available as an eBook and in paperback.

Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost

In the month of December, my best-selling book was ‘I Love Baby Animals.Baby Animals Books for Kids It’s been Number 1 in the Baby Animals category on the Amazon Kindle store for more than 30 days. With 120 plus reviews, you need to pick a copy (if you haven’t already) to see what has made this book a welcome addition to many libraries in the last few weeks.

One popular feature on this blog last year was Author Interview Thursday. I cannot begin to tell you how the advice from fellow authors on AIT impacted my writing and publishing endeavours in 2013. I’m currently reaching out to a few authors and we should be back in full force with our first interview in early February. Watch this space.

There’s a something significant cooking behind the scenes that I can’t wait to share with you… All will be revealed in due course.


Thanks for all your support and do have a great day.


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