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If I was a fan of David Chuka, then I would love days like today!

For the very first time, I’m going to be offering something I’ve never offered before.Dog Book for Kids Today, not only do you get one free book of mine that you can download to your Kindle app on your tablet, PC or phone, you get TWO!

Today, you have the opportunity to download ‘I Love My Dog’ and ‘Billy and Monster’s New Neighbor Has a Secret.’ for free.

So what are these two books about?

I Love My Dog’ is a dog book for kids and was created for young children between the ages of 2 – 8. You and your loved ones will fall in love with the cute dogs in this book.

Your children will have fun discovering the names of different breeds of dogs that are accompanied with interesting facts.

In this book, children will first of all see a certain breed of dog which is depicted in a cartoon image and then on the next page, they will discover a cute photo of that dog.

This is the second book in the series ‘Animal Books for Kids.’Dalmatian Dog Cartoon


Below is a wonderful review I saw on Amazon for this book

This is definitely a very fun, informative and educational book about dogs. My kids truly enjoyed reading “I Love My Dog,” especially the cartoon illustrations and all the information giving full detail of each dog. This is a really nice way to teach a child about different kinds of dogs. This was the first book we read under this author, but not the last. We will definitely check out his other children books. If you want to read a really good book with your child, this it is. Buy it now! Iris Morales


Grab your copy HERE


Billy and Monster’s New Neighbor Has a Secret is the latest book in the Billy and Monster adventure. I have 3 more books lined up before the end of the year in this popular series of funny books for kids.Funny book for Kids

In this fourth episode, Billy and Monster get to meet a new neighbor who has a secret.

Billy and Monster live on a beautiful street with some very interesting neighbors like Mr Forgetful, Miss Squeaky and Mr GrumpDaddy whose been banned from the local butchers. Why? Because he always gives them grief when he goes to get some beef.

On a Saturday morning while playing racing cars with Monster, they hear a knock at the door. Billy’s Dad opens the door and they’re introduced to their new neighbors – The FeelGoods.

After an incident involving screams and flowing streams of tears, Billy goes to Sally FeelGoods house to make peace.

And then he discovers that Sally has a COLORFUL secret that leaves Billy’s mouth open as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Below is a review I discovered on Amazon for this book

Our five year old loved this Billy and Monster book. She is still learning to share her toys with her sister and she was completely entertained by Billy not wanting to share his toy cars with the neighbor girl. She giggled at the triple combo fart too. Funny book, great for kids who love to laugh! Rachel

Grab your copy HERE

Can I please ask a big favour? Please leave a good review on Amazon after you’ve read it.

You can get these two books on October 1st and 2nd 2013.

Many thanks and have a great day.

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