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David Chuka’s Weekly Update


Its another Monday and an opportunity to fill you in on what’s happening in my world.DAVID JOHNSON

On a personal note, it was my dad-in-law’s birthday over the weekend and yours truly was the MC at the event. He was celebrating his 70th birthday and it was nice to see friends and family from near and far, come to honor him. I’m not even half his milestone and will count myself blessed if I get to his age and look as cheerful and healthy as him.


David Chuka is not a happy bunny…at the moment. I really was looking forward to getting ‘Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost’ published over the weekend and announcing it in this column. However, my illustrator had to do some tweaking. Basically, the illustrations looked awesome but the accompanying text with each image was relatively small.

Now while I have had more than 300 glowing reviews made up of mostly 4-5 star reviews on my published books on the Amazon store, I still get the odd one which is a 3, 2 or on the rarest of occasions, a 1 star review.Baby Animals Books for Kids One review I had with I Love Baby Animals stated that they loved the book but wished the text was bigger. It was this review I had in mind when I instructed my illustrator to amend the text on the images so it was bigger. I hope you’ll like the finished product and I also hope to do a special post announcing the launch of Kojo… very soon.


Counting to Ten and Sharing My Easter Eggs will be available as a paperback on Friday. I’m really excited about this development as I’ll be going to do a book reading at a preschool in October and it’ll be nice to not only show the children the book on a tablet but also have them see the physical copy. The cover is slightly different from the ebook version. The ebook version had green skies (Which I think looks cool) but the physical copy will have blue skies. Can you imagine what the world would look like if we had green skies?


This week on Author Interview Thursday, we have Mary Lee who is a very popular author on the Amazon Kindle store.Mary Lee - Childrens Book Author She has written 16 books most of which have hit the Best seller categories. Amongst other things, she talks about handling bad reviews and the reality every author should face about the publishing industry. It made for a very informative and entertaining interview and definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Anyways, gotta run now. Have a productive week and DREAM BIG!


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