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Book Launch – Counting to Ten and Sharing My Easter Eggs is LIVE!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…I’m happy to announce that the latest book from David Chuka is now live!Counting to Ten

Counting to Ten and Sharing My Easter Eggs can now be downloaded to your kindle or kindle app for 99c/99p. This is a book for little children who are just learning to count and read.

The general concept of the book is about a little girl who is looking forward to Easter and has been given a basket of Easter eggs to share with her friends. I believe 3 things will make this book a winner with your little ones.

First of all, it has the most cutest images which are very different from the ones I have employed on my other books. These images will greatly appeal to the 0-5 year olds.

Secondly, children will enjoy counting to ten as this book has interesting rhymes that will make counting a fun and enjoyable experience. A snippet from the book.

Here’s ONE for Tommy who likes all things yummy

Two for Molly and her twin sister Polly.

And thirdly, numbers are isolated on each page so children can identify and recognise them as they read the book.

The first time I read the entire book to my three year old boy, I asked him what he liked about the book. He said he loved the Christmas eggs 🙂

I believe your loved one will love this one. Feel free to leave a comment after you’ve read it with your little ones.

Grab your copy at the one of the links below

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Thank you.

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