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Interview with Children’s Book Author – Melissa Moraja

Can you guess what time it is? Of course you know…Its Author Interview Thursday! Today’s special guest has a very full plate but took some time out of her busy schedule to be with us today. I met her on a book giveaway we were both involved in earlier this year. Her popular book seriesContinue Reading

10 Steps Before a Book is Published

It’s almost here….Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas will be ready to download to your kindle device or app in 6 days.  I wanted to do a quick post today on ten things I did/do/am doing in the build up to this book being published. 1. Format the book as a Word document once my illustrator completedContinue Reading

Interview with Children’s Book Author – Stephanie M. Ward

Its Author Interview Thursday and I’m really excited about the special guest we have on the hot seat today. I hooked up with today’s author on a book giveaway for kidlit authors during summer. She was the main organiser and it was a great success. It was a pleasure working with her and seeing how sheContinue Reading

Author Interview with Mystery Writer GG Collins

It’s Author Interview Thursday! Woohoo. Today’s special guest reached out to me after reading an AIT special earlier this year and I’m so glad she did. She has a background in journalism and runs several blogs on topics dear to her heart. She’s written two paranormal Mystery novels and has other titles in the works. InContinue Reading

New Book by David Chuka – Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas

They’re back! The latest Billy and Monster book – Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas – will be published on November 25th and is currently available to pre-order on Amazon. So you might be wondering what the inspiration behind this latest book was? Well, in writing this book I was looking to address that scenario thatContinue Reading

Author Interview with Helen and Lorri Carpenter

It’s Author Interview Thursday and I’m so glad you’ve joined me and my special guests today. I got in touch with our special guests back in June and due to my schedule and theirs, we had to delay the interview but I’m so glad they’ll be sharing their journey as authors with us today. We get the specialContinue Reading

Interview with Children’s Book Author – Liam Moiser

Its Author Interview Thursday and today we have a children’s book author from Yorkshire in England. He was introduced to me by Sherrill S. Cannon who was my special guest  earlier this year. My special guest today has being getting the attention of a few movers and shakers in the publishing world with notable mentionsContinue Reading

Interview with Travel Writer – Savannah Grace

It’s back! Author Interview Thursday is back. And my special guest to open this season is Savannah Grace who was on the hot seat back in August 2013. Savannah is a travel writer and has visited close to (if not more than) a hundred countries. Her first book ‘Sihpromatum – How I Grew my BoobsContinue Reading

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator: Good or Bad?

I stumbled upon a blog post by popular Kiwi Children’s book author – Joy Findlay – who was my special guest on Author Interview Thursday in 2013. Joy has more than 60 published children’s books and I have several of them on the Kindle app on my tablet. A lot of her books have achieved bestContinue Reading

My Summer Adventures

So summer is over and it’s back to school and back to work. I took my eight year old daughter and five year old son for their first day back at school today. Ruth and Richard were excited to meet their old friends and discover a new class with a new teacher. I felt a senseContinue Reading