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Weekly Update from David Chuka


Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead.

My latest book ‘Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost‘ was launched last week and it broke into the Top 10 best seller rank in the Marine kids category on the Amazon store.Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost As I write this, its received nine 5-star reviews. Below is one of them that really made my day.

This is a fun and clever book with enchanting pictures from which children will learn to listen to their parents.
Kojo is a young friendly dragon who likes to play with his friends in Zakari River. Kojo’s mum warned him not to go to the south side of the river because it was dangerous. But Kojo was playing Hide and Seek with his friend and thought that hiding in the south side would be fun and his friend would not find him. He knew his mum told him not to do so, but he figured that just doing it once should be no problem, but it was.
Children will enjoy finding out what happened to likeable Kojo, how he was saved, and what he (and they) learned from his experience. Israel Drazin

I got a personal email from someone who has read the book saying it’s my best one yet! I’m hopeful that as this book gets into more hands, it’ll be able to garner more sterling reviews. I was also touched by another email from someone who was pleased about the lesson in the book regarding children listening to their parents and following instructions.


I’m happy to announce that I got booked to do a reading at a school in West London. I intend to share with them from my latest book and also discuss some of the themes like friendship and obedience within the book. I believe I’ve learned so much from my first school reading and can’t wait to share with the children at Devonshire preschool.


This week on Author Interview Thursday, we have Raymond Bean who I’m a big fan of. One of the pleasures of doing AIT is that I get to interview authors whose work and publishing journey I admire and strive to learn from.

Raymond Bean is one of such authors and I’ve read all four books in his School is a Nightmare series. In my interview with him he’ll be sharing on how the self publishing landscape has changed in the five years since he started, how he rewards himself on publishing a book, his worst day as a school teacher and so much more. Raymond has so much to share and I can’t wait to share the interview that I had with him with you.


By the way, I’ve been working with my illustrator to redo some of the book covers for my books.Counting Book for Kids If you check out my book covers over the coming days, you’ll notice some changes.

On the right is the book cover for Counting to Ten and Sharing My Easter Eggs. What do you think? I’ll also be announcing a list of some of my books you can now get a physical copy of in the next few days.

Do have an outstanding week.

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