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I can’t believe it but we’re just 8 days from Thanksgiving, 35 days till Christmas and 43 days to 2014!

I’ve started reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the year ahead.David Chuka Reading at Devonshire Preschool 2013 was a very good year but I’m looking forward to the new challenges 2014 will bring. There is one major thing I want to do in 2014 and that is to do more readings at schools and libraries. I have a few events lined up before the end of the year but in 2014, visiting preschools, primary schools, kids events and libraries will be one major way I’ll be using to share my stories with more kids.

Hope you’ve started mapping out your plans for 2014. Like a great man once said ‘What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ What and how do you see 2014 panning out for you?


The giveaway for Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost is over and our 2 winners came from the UK and U.S.David Chuka and Kojo the Sea Dragon I signed and posted the books on Saturday, so if you got the email from GoodReads to confirm you had won, expect your book in the post sometime this week. If you entered and didn’t win, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to enter.


Up until now, my books have only been available for download exclusively on the Amazon store. However, that is changing. I’ll be migrating my catalog to other platforms so you can get my books on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks etc. Physical copies of my books will also be available on more platforms in the coming weeks and months.

The first book to migrate is ‘Billy and the Monster who Loved to Fart,’ which can be downloaded to your Nook or Kobo device. You can also grab a copy of one of my paperbacks on Barnes and Noble by clicking the link below.

 David Chuka on Barnes and Noble

My illustrator is working very hard on getting the next Billy and Monster book ready. It’s titled ‘Billy and Monster’s Golden Thanksgiving Presents.’ Have you ever wondered where Monster came from? In this episode you get to meet Monster’s Mom and Dad who are called Momo and Popo. We also get to see Billy’s uncle who is affectionately called ‘Uncle Leland from England.’ In this episode, Billy gets to understand the most important thing about Thanksgiving and the Holiday season. I’m super excited about sharing this book with you and can’t wait to publish a post here on my blog announcing it’s live. Do watch out for it.


On Author Interview Thursday this week, we have Ann Morris who is the recipient of the coveted ‘Mom’s Choice’ Award for one of her books.Ann Morris Reading to 2 Kids She writes her books in English and translates them to Spanish. One of the things she’ll be sharing is how to work with a translator if you’re considering writing and translating your book to another language. Don’t miss it.

Last week on the hot seat, we had Paul R. Hewlett who served in the Air Force but is now a children’s book author. Click the link below for this very insightful interview with him.

Author Interview with Paul R. Hewlett

Do have an outstanding day and dream BIG!!!


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