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The Adventures of Zeppi is on Sale!

I’m happy to announce that one of our special guests, Charlotte K. Omillin from Author Interview Thursday has some of her books on sale. She’s recently released book Number 8 and 9 in the popular ‘The Adventure of Zeppi Series.’ You can grab a copy for just 99cents! You can get  The Adventures of Zeppi #8: Trip to the Castle,  and The Adventures of Zeppi #1 New Friends and #9 Ghosts at the Castle at this special discount until December 31st.

Zeppi 8

The Adventures of Zeppi #4 Greenback Town by C.K. Omillin is ON SALE for $0.99 till 15 December.

How did the Zeppi adventure begin?

On his way to Antarctica, a young penguin named Zeppi, falls off the delivery truck and finds himself trapped in his cage in the middle of the night. Abandoned on the side of the road, he misses his parents and fellow penguins. But Zeppi is brave and struggles to free himself from his cage. He makes his way into a backyard where he finds a place to shelter for the night.

The next morning Zeppi the penguin is found by a boy named Alesdor. He is the lonely boy who wished every night for a special friend since his neighbor and best friend moved to a faraway country.

In book #8 Trip to the Castle, Zeppi is thrilled to go on a vacation with Alesdor and his friends to a place called Castle Mountains. Zeppi and friends board the train and it is not for long that Alesdor will discover that Zeppi smuggled his best friend into the train a he wants her to be part of the fun.

 Book Trailer


A little bit about Zeppi’s Creator… 

Writer by day and artist by night and inspired by the world around us, bestselling author Charlotte Omillin loves creating the adventures of Zeppi the penguin. Omillin believes we must do all we can to respect our environment and she weaves ecological tips through her stories.

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