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Interview with Children’s Book Author David Chuka by Matt Posner

It’s Author Interview Thursday! However, the party isn’t taking place on my blog today…It’s on Matt Posner’s blog. So who is Matt Posner?Matt Posner

Matt Posner is a writer and teacher from New York City. Originally from Miami, FL, Matt lives in Queens with Julie, his wife of more than ten years, and works in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Matt is also the Dean of School of the Ages, America’s greatest magic school, located on a secret island in New York Harbor, and is pleased to tell stories about its people in the five-book series School of the Ages, which will be published between 2010 and 2015. As the child of classically trained musicians, Matt is a performing poet and percussionist with The Exploration Project, New York’s premier avant-garde multimedia club band.

Matt teaches high school English, with a fondness for special education students, as well as SAT preparation. He has an active channel at and regularly posts to His interests include magic and the paranormal, literature, movies, history and culture, visual arts, world music, religion, photography, and professional wrestling history.

And guess who’s on the hot seat today?…ME!

Matt grills me on the process I employ when I write/publish a children’s book, a breakdown on the Billy character, how I got started writing Children’s books and much more!

So head on over to Matt’s blog by clicking the link below and feel free to drop me a comment or question and remember to share on your social networks. Enjoy!

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