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Interview With Children’s Book Author Geryn Childress

Hello. It’s Author Interview Thursday!Geryn's Pic This week in the hot seat we have Geryn Childress. Geryn is a guy whose life story would make a great Hollywood movie. Despite the trials and adversities he’s been through in life, there is a warmth and passion that rubs off on everyone Geryn meets. Please help me in welcoming Geryn.


Tell us about your latest book and what formats is it available in?

My latest book ‘The What Am I? Book, is a collection of fun, educational, original riddles that my Mom would ask me and my older brother when we were little kids on long trips. Right now it’s formatted  perfectly for the Kindle Fire edition, but all of the books in the Childress Children’s Book Series will play great on pretty much any tablet device like an iPad or on a smartphone. We’re putting the hard covers out through Create Space and they should be ready to order in two weeks. If you want updates on my future releases you can subscribe to


What makes your picture books unique?

I think what makes not only mine, but any author’s writings unique is the life experiences one brings to the table. We as authors have our own different unique stories, it’s our goal to tell those stories in a way that captivates our readers. If any author can do this, then your books are truly unique. My books relate my stories, as can only be seen and told through my eyes, because they’re my experiences. All humans go through different experiences in life, as authors hopefully we can draw on that well when creative juices dry up and hopefully write stories that people can relate to or at least find entertainment in.


What other picture books have you written?

Right now I have two other books on the market, one titled ‘Please! Stop My Baby Brother From Crying stop my baby broda

The other book is titled ‘The Little Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Farting and it’s dedicated to all five of my sons, don’t tell them I said that.


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I don’t think I ever wanted to be a “writer”, one day I just realized “Hey! that’s what I am! I’m a writer. I was going through one of life’s situations (as we all do sometime especially with kids) and then it dawned on me… That Would Make A Good Book! Most of my books are me speaking through the voice of one or all of my children or family members.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My God, my mother, and my kids are the total source of inspiration for the books I’ve written so far, there’s an aspect of all of them in every book.


What’s the best thing about being a writer?

The best thing about being a writer is you can still work, even if you have a kid hanging on top of your head.


 Do you have kids (or grandchildren) and are they an inspiration to your picture books?

Yes, I do have kids….I have so many kids I’ve stopped naming them….I just call them by number, number 7 just turned 2 a few months ago.   Yes, my kids are a big source of inspiration for my books and my life.


Tell us something funny that has happened to you recently.

I have a sort of funny story to tell you about my kids.  One day we were at the park, the four little kids were playing on the playground.  My two year old son (Zion) decides to grab a dirty leaf off the ground and shove it in his mouth before I could stop him…..HE’S FAST like a baby ninja when he wants to put something in his mouth. Everything else he’s slow with, counting, shape recognition but shoving objects in his mouth? Ninja speed!

Without skipping a beat, his older brother comes over looks at him, waits for a moment, looks at me…and then says,“Maybe he’s not a baby, maybe he’s a vacuum cleaner.” (Laughs)The Little Boy who Couldn't Stop Farting

I thought that was funny…and then my author’s mind-set kicked in and I thought “THAT WOULD MAKE A GREAT BOOK!” (laughs). Then I had to stop the baby from choking of course!  The point is you have to think about your experiences when you’re writing books, be they cultural, be they humorous, happy or sad, success or failure…that’s where you’ll find creativity when you have writers block or searching for unique material to create.


If you were abandoned on a deserted island, what 3 items would you wish for?

A midget, a sponge, and a latter…..I figure I’m already stranded, I might as well make the best of it ”Bring on the entertainment!”


Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to have this interview with us Geryn. You know, some people could use the excuse (and justifiably so) that the presence of children in their lives has stopped them from fulfilling their goals. I really love and admire the fact that with 7 kids in your life, you’re still going strong and passionate about sharing your stories with the world.

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    Very good interview! I always enjoy discovering how other children’s authors are inspired to write books for children.

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