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You can get 2 of my rhyming books for kids at today and tomorrow (October 22nd-23rd) for FREE!Rhyming Books for Kids

You can download the books at the links below


 If You See a Doctor was my first book as a children’s book author. Looking at that book really makes me proud as I see how I have evolved and improved as a writer and publisher.


Counting to Ten and Sharing My Easter Eggs was Number in the Counting Category on the Amazon store for a quite a few days back in Easter. If you got this book previously, you’ll notice that the cover looks different. I intentionally changed the cover for the Halloween season.


Both books have a combined total of 86 reviews on the Amazon store mostly made up of 4 and 5 stars. Below are a few reviews from readers who got them for their loved ones.
What a delightful book! I truly enjoyed reading this children’s book, as did my 4 year old daughter. The pictures are delightful and the rhymes are clever. I’ll definitely get more books from this author. Holly Doherty
This is a clever book filled with rather funny and likable drawings and rhymes such as “One is for Tommy who likes all things funny.”Counting Books for Kids These humorous rhymes will delight children who will find them charming. The book is excellent for children who are learning to count to ten as well as kids who are just looking for something funny. The story focuses on a young girl whose mother gave her a basket of Easter eggs to share with her friends. She thinks of each friend to whom she will give eggs. Israel Drazin
This book uses a combination of illustrations and photographs to reach the intended child audience at a level they can easily understand. I liked the way the author used simple text that was easy enough for a young reader to understand. The font is large enough for a small child to easily read. My kids enjoyed looking through this book and talking with each other about the pictures and the story. The fact that the text had a rhyming theme made it more fun for the little ones. With alternating illustrations and photos, the kids got the best of both worlds. I would recommend this book to parents. Fun! Ionia Martin
Grab a copy for your loved ones today.



Counting to Ten and Sharing My Easter Eggs

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