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I’m happy to announce that you can download a FREE copy of Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost to your kindle app on your mobile, tablet or PC this weekend.

The book was launched on October 5th and so far, it has gotten 10 reviews on Amazon as I write this. I have been overwhelmed by the reviews, emails and feedback I’ve gotten regarding this book. Someone even said they think this is my best work yet. To imagine that I wrote this book about four years ago on a train all because I didn’t have a newspaper or book to read!

Below are just some of the reviews its gotten on the Amazon store.

I love children’s stories with a message and this one certainly fits the bill. In a moment of temptation, Kojo the Sea Dragon goes against his mum’s wishes and put’s himself in danger. It takes the heroic effort of his mum and all his friends to drag him to safety.

From this cute story, children will learn that parents really do know best when it comes to dangerous situations. With brightly colored illustrations, this is one little book your child will want to read again and again. Wendy


Kojo the seadragon and his friends loved playing their games in the Zakari River. Kojo especially enjoyed playing hide and seek in the river with his best friend, Kofi the sea turtle. The river was a safe place to play, except for one area that Kojo’s parents had warned him to avoid, since it was considered dangerous. One day, Kojo, looking for a really good hiding place, yielded to temptation and wandered too close to the forbidden area. Suddenly he found himself in grave danger. Kojo was saved only because of the concern and quick thinking of his pal Kofi.

The illustrated story has the kind of action and suspense that will hold a young reader’s attention. But equally important, the story has two valuable lessons for youngsters: 1) Friends watch each others’ backs, and 2) Pay attention to your parents – they’re concerned for you, and they’re smarter than you think. J. Chambers


This children’s book is so very delightful with very detailed, colorful illustrations. Kojo is a very unique sea dragon living in the Zakari River, where many other sea creatures live. His mom and dad pamper him letting him have anything he wants. The one place he is restricted from is the south side of the river where he might become lost. His best friend is Kofi, the sea turtle. They loved playing hide and seek, which was hard for Kojo because he’s so big and can be easily found. But this time, Kojo finds a new place to hide! What a great children’s story to remind little ones to follow guidance offered by their parents. Author David Chuka has written a large variety of children’s stories. They are all great, but I think this story about Kojo The Sea Dragon is his best. Great job! Nancy of Utah


I’m also happy to announce that the physical copy is now available and you can get a copy on the Amazon store too.animal books for kids I received an email from a lady who bought a copy of the book and below is a snippet of the email she sent

It’s here! It’s amazing! The size is about 8″ x 10″ and the illustrations are full page size, 32 printed pages, and the back cover has your picture, web site, etc. It’s fantabulous. It couldn’t be any better for a child to love!

Here’s what I want you to do:

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Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost

Thanks for all your support and do have a great weekend

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