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David Chuka’s Weekly Update

Hello and a Happy Monday to You!

First of all, I have to share with you something personal. It was my son’s first day in the big school and I had the privilege to walk with him to school today. It only seems like yesterday when he came into this world on a rainy Sunday morning. I wonder if he’ll remember today when he’s much older and all the fuss I put him through.

My illustrator’s almost finished on my latest book and I’ll see the final set of pictures tomorrow. I’m hopeful the book will get published before the end of the month. Kojo the Sea Dragon Gets Lost is a beautiful picture book for 2-7 year olds. It’s a story about a dragon who lives underwater and gets lost while playing hide and seek which kids will relate to.  Children will learn about obedience, remembering things and helping others in trouble. Look out for the big announcement soon.

On Author Interview Thursday this week, we have Adam T. Newman who is the author of the popular book ‘How to Catch a Cold.How to Catch a Cold Cover I’m particularly looking forward to sharing this interview as Adam talks about presenting at schools and how to get this kind of gigs. He also shares an intimate story of how he got into writing books which will really leave an impression on you. Tune in this Thursday.

Tomorrow, I’m going to post a review on a book I recently finished reading by Lemony Snickett titles ‘All the Wrong Questions.‘ Look out for it tomorrow.

I’m working on the next Billy and Monster book about Halloween and ran into a bit of Writer’s block. I wouldn’t really call it Writer’s block…more  a lack of flow. I know what the story is about, the characters and where it ends but getting that first line is proving difficult. Oh well, will keep on trying and will let you know once its complete.

Do have a fantastic week!

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