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Billy and Monster Book Launch – Feedback from a Beta Reader

It’s always an exciting time when I publish one of my books. Billy and Monster Meet the PresidentThere’s a lot that goes into the launch process like contacting kidlit bloggers, creating a video trailer for the book, uploading the book to different publishing platforms etc.

However, I think the most joy I get from the launch process is getting feedback from beta readers who’ve had the opportunity to read a draft of the book before it’s published. I’ve been so blessed by feedback from beta readers I’ve had on Billy and Monster Meet the President. I received this comment from a beta reader in Australia that made my day as she totally got what I was trying to achieve in writing this book.

Great story! I really like the premise of the book. In this day and age you can never be too careful when taking kids out in a crowd. You deal with the problem very well. It allows brilliantly for an opening into a discussion with children not only on “stranger danger” but the whole new aspect of strange happenings around them that once we never had to worry about but is now unfortunately a reality.

I enjoyed reading the opening sequence where Billy is thinking about the possibilities of what he could be when he grows up. His careful consideration of each is well planned and thoughtful. Rather encouraging and a great way for children to think about their ideas and why they might want to do something. It is also a great lead into the thought about becoming the President and introducing him into the story. The repetition makes for easy reading and encourages another way into discussion which I am always looking for.

It’s only a few days now before the book goes live but you can preorder a copy at one of the links below

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