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Billy and Monster’s New Neighbor Has a Secret is LIVE!

I love days like today. It is with great pleasure that I’d like to introduce you to the latest Billy and Monster Book  titled ‘Billy and Monster’s New Neighbor Has a Secret.’Billy and Monster's Neighbor Has a Secret

What can you expect in this episode? Well, in this fourth episode in the very entertaining series for kids of all ages, Billy and Monster get to meet a new neighbor who has a secret.

Billy and Monster live on a beautiful street with some very interesting neighbors like Mr Forgetful, Miss Squeaky and Mr GrumpDaddy whose been banned from the local butchers. Why? Because he always gives them grief when he goes to get some beef.

On a Saturday morning while playing racing cars with Monster, they hear a knock at the door. Billy’s Dad opens the door and they’re introduced to their new neighbors – The FeelGoods.

After an incident involving screams and flowing streams of tears, Billy goes to Sally FeelGoods house to make peace.

And then he discovers that Sally has a COLORFUL secret that leaves Billy’s mouth open as wide as the Grand Canyon. You really have to get the book at the link below to see what the secret is.

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Let me give you some background on some of the characters in this story. The interesting neighbors you see at the beginning of the book were originally created for a set of rhyming books which I intend to publish at some point. I created these characters in December 2012 and I just saw a review from someone on Amazon who said he hoped I would develop some of the new characters introduced in this book. I will definitely take this into consideration.

I always have a bit of butterflies when I publish a book as I can only hope and pray that the story is accepted and loved by old and new fans of Billy and Monster. I hope you like this story too.

I’ll happily to entertain any questions or comments you may have.

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