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Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas Launch

It’s finally LIVE!Christmas Presents
My latest book – Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas – is now live on the Amazon store and you can grab a copy today for the early bird price of 99c or 77p.
Below is one of the reviews that the book had over the weekend
Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas is a cute little book with great illustrations. This book contains a great little life lesson about being thankful for the little things around you. You meet little Billy who gets a present that he feels is not as good as a present a cousin gets. He is jealous and does not say thank you. He is transported to the home of the Monsters where their happiness over the little things teaches Billy that happiness does not come from what you get but those around you.
Bonnie Rediske
If you bought a pre-order copy, Amazon must have sent it to your kindle or kindle app. Please download, read, share with family and friends. And before I forget, please leave a review once you’ve finished
reading on Amazon, GoodReads, Facebook etc.
Thanks for all your support and do have a Golden Christmas
Grab your copy at the link below


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