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Big Honey Dog Mysteries: Message in a Bauble

What are you looking forward to doing the most this Christmas?


Curling up by a roaring fire with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa, a pup or kitty snoozing at your feet and your kids snuggled by your side? (Or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere like us, swapping that roaring fire and hot cocoa for a sunny beach and an ice-cold drink! 😉 )

Well, if you’re looking for a great read this Christmas, we’ve got the perfect thing for you! A fun, doggie mystery which is now FREE to download from:

Big Honey Dog Mysteries: Message in a Bauble
(Christmas Special Edition)


Christmas intrigue. Daring rescue. Serious slobber.

When Honey the Great Dane finds a hidden note inside a strange Christmas bauble, the festive season takes a sinister turn. Was the note from a trapped child? Join Honey and her canine friends as they set off on a Search & Rescue–from snowy playgrounds to eerie libraries–while they race to solve the mystery of the message in the bauble.

Kids and dog lovers will love this action-packed Christmas mystery filled with suspense and humour – not to mention candy canes, gingerbread cookies and lots of mince pies!

What readers are saying:

“This was an adorable Christmas story! I loved the first Big Honey Dog Mysteries book and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one! I’m impressed by the amazing character development; even in a short story like this one, the author gives the dogs in the book such big personalities. I look forward to many more titles in this series.”

“There are some genuine laugh out loud moments, as well as a message about the true meaning of Christmas. Just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids!”

“Recommend this book to teachers and parents, especially now during the holiday season. Great read!”

“Ms. Hanna knows how to hook her readers in, both young and old. The cast of characters are great and I love each dog’s personality. If you love canine stories, you must look into this story!”

“Read it aloud with your kids during holiday break, or savor it yourself with a hot mug of cocoa and a plate of Christmas cookies. It’s just the thing for a chilly winter’s eve and will leave a smile on your face!”

“An entertaining holiday story for kids of ANY age (even adults)! Don’t be deceived by thinking this is a ‘kids only’ book”

“The suspense is perfect and the Christmas context is a plus to this mystery novel. Don’t miss this exquisite book.”


As some of you know, we recently launched the Big Honey Dog Mysteries – a fun, action-packed, mystery adventure series for kids and dogs lovers of all ages. And this short novella is the latest addition to the series. So if you’re looking for a little mystery and adventure this holiday season and some fun & laughs with a cast of adorable canines (and maybe even a feline or two! 😉 ) – then don’t miss this heart-warming Christmas “tail”.

Hurry to grab your FREE copy today from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble (Nook) or Kobo!

We hope you enjoy it – and happy reading! 😛


Hsin-Yi and Slobbers from Honey the Great Dane

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