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Author Interview with Sara Shafer

It’s Author Interview Thursday and I’m happy you’ve joined me for another exciting adventure with our special guest. I got introduced to our featured author by Sharon Ledwith. Now let it be known that any author friend of Sharon is a friend of mine. It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know our guest onContinue Reading

Author Interview with Ann T. Bugg

It’s Author Interview Thursday and I’m so glad you’ve joined us today. This is a particularly special week as its Children’s Book Week. Many authors, publishers, bookstores, bloggers and children are doing various things to celebrate this special week. I’ve joined a super group of authors, publishers and bloggers who are donating gift cards, booksContinue Reading

Author Interview with Lisa Fender

It’s Author Interview Thursday! Yeah! I was involved in a conversation with a friend who was having a few challenges pushing their business to the next level. My 2 cents to their dilemma was that they had to SEE themselves closing deals, winning clients and making bumper sales. I added that they also had toContinue Reading

Author Interview with Jamee-Marie Edwards

It’s Author Interview Thursday… Yes! I have to admit that I had a low period earlier on this year due to some issues with my illustrator and a potential book deal that got put on ice for the meantime. However, following my visit to the London Book Fair (and you can read all about itContinue Reading

Author Interview with Jannifer Powelson

It’s Author Interview Thursday! Woohoo! Are you ready to rumble? Yes? Good. Then let’s get right to it. I came to know our featured author through Sherrill S. Cannon who was on the hot seat a few moons ago. She’s the author of the popular Rachel Racoon and Sammy Skunk series. In the build upContinue Reading

Author Interview with Jeanne E. Rogers

It’s Author Interview Thursday and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to another author whose passionate about their craft and sharing with the writing community. I’ve been at the London Book Fair this week and I’ve had the privilege to meet various authors writing in different genres with a positive outlook on the future. IfContinue Reading

Interview with YA Author Sharon Ledwith

It’s Author Interview Thursday and I hope you’re ready to rumble with our guest author on the hot seat! If you’ve ever wondered if social media had any useful relevance, then I can testify that it does. And its primary purpose, I believe is to build relationships. Today’s interview is testament to that. I metContinue Reading

Author Interview with Marta Moran Bishop

It’s Author Interview Thursday and I have to admit that I’ve been looking forward to today’s interview for quite a while. I was introduced to our special guest by Sherrill S. Cannon who was on the hot seat last month. In our correspondence leading up to today’s interview, I’ve been really impressed by her generosityContinue Reading

Interview with Children’s Book Author Sandra Bennett

It’s Author Interview Thursday and I’m so excited that we have another opportunity to be inspired by an author who has encountered the challenges associated with getting a book published and is still standing. Today’s special guest comes from the beautiful nation of Australia. We connected via Facebook and it’s been a pleasure to getContinue Reading

Interview with Children’s Book Author Jennifer Adan

It’s Author Interview Thursday! If you’re a songwriter and/or love country music, then you’re in for a big treat today. Our special guest moved to Nashville to follow her dreams to become a songwriter. Despite the hardships and setbacks she experienced along the way, she’s living proof that dreams do come true! She co-wrote the chartContinue Reading