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The Billy and Monster Collection Audiobook is LIVE!

Hello It’s been a while since my last blog post and a lot’s been happening in my personal and professional life as an author… all good stuff by the way and I hope to share more with you over the coming weeks. So, I have 2 BIG morsels of news for you today. First of all,Continue Reading

Guess whose now on Apple, Nook and Kobo?

One of the big takeaways (for me) from attending the London Book Fair last year was to publish my books to multiple platforms. Now, when I started this journey as a children’s book author, I had my books exclusively on Amazon. Why you may ask? Well, the Amazon platform was very simple to use andContinue Reading

Can You Smell What DC is Cooking?

Before I let you know what’s cooking, I’d like to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m happy to announce that I’ve done something I’ve always wanted to do and some of my fans have asked me to and that is to publish a boxset of the Billy and Monster books. Included in thisContinue Reading

Interview with Kidlit Author, Kristen Lamb

It’s Author Interview Thursday and I’m so glad you’ve taken out time to join me today. As you may already know, today is World Book Day and it was interesting seeing all the children dressed up as different literary characters on my way to drop off my bambinos at school. And what better day to haveContinue Reading

Billy and Monster Get Featured on BookBub

Great news! My book – Billy and the Monster who Ate All the Easter Eggs – has just been accepted by Bookbub and will be featured on March 21st. Why is this great news I hear you say? Well it is great news as Bookbub has more than a million subscribers and will email everyoneContinue Reading

Interview with MGLit Author – M.J. Evans

Thanks for joining me on another edition of Author Interview Thursday. Today’s special guest resides in the beautiful state of Colorado. Despite the fact she has a big family, she still makes out time to write great Middle Grade fantasy books.She is well respected amongst her peers and has worked in the education sector forContinue Reading

Interview with MGLit Author – Cheryl Carpinello

It’s Author Interview Thursday and I’m so glad you’ve joined me today and our special guest. The wonderful lady in the hotseat has a background in education and recently became a grandma for the third time. Between juggling her roles as a wife, mother, grandma, educator, champion of children authors and so much more, sheContinue Reading

Let’s Talk about Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl Carpinello

This week’s special guest on Author Interview Thursday is Cheryl Carpinello. I’m really looking forward to having a good chat with her and get her to reveal a few tips on what’s working for her and keeps her going as an author. Cheryl writes Middle Grade books and today I wanted to shine a lightContinue Reading

Author Interview with KD Forsman

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Its Author Interview Thursday and another wonderful opportunity to get to know an author whose shaking and baking somewhere on God’s green earth. Today’s special guest comes from the beautiful nation of New Zealand. She’s a first time author and her book – Fraud & Fabrication – was published a couple of daysContinue Reading

Interview with Kidlit Author – C.L. Murphy

Its back! Author Interview Thursday is back for the first part of the year and I’d like you to get ready for some inspiring authors who will not only provide the necessary fuel to turbo-charge your writing career to another level but will also offer tips, personal stories and current industry trends. Today in the hotseat,Continue Reading